Temperatures to hit 40 degrees Celsius in parts of Europe

Temperatures to hit 40 degrees Celsius in parts of Europe
Photo credit: Newshub

There is no let up in the heatwave currently affecting Europe with temperatures expected to break 40C in France and Switzerland this week. 

On Wednesday Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic recorded their highest-ever June temperatures - and it could get hotter. 

Hot air from North Africa is causing the record heat as meteorologists warn temperatures could hit 45C in parts of northern Spain later this week.  

Speed limits have been put in place along many of Germany's roads as the heat causes them to melt. 

In Brandenburg, German Police stopped a man who was trying to cool down by riding his moped naked. 

Many schools in France remain closed and the Government has warned there could be a risk to life. 

Charities in Milan have giving out free bottles of water to homeless people. 

The Guardian reported over 90 people have drowned in Poland this month after trying to cool off in lakes and rivers.

Meteorologists are predicting temperature records will be broken across most of Europe in the coming days.