UK dad suffering injuries from hit and run told he's 'fit to work', benefits slashed

Hill's benefits have been slashed despite claiming he is unable to walk without assistance.
Hill's benefits have been slashed despite claiming he is unable to walk without assistance. Photo credit: Getty.

A UK father has had his benefits slashed after being told he's now "fit to work" after sustaining devastating injuries in a hit and run attack.

Stuart Hill, 32, is unable to walk and has a large metal frame clamped around his right leg following last year's attack, the Mirror reports. The frame inhibits Hill's movement, meaning he cannot get around without crutches. 

Hill says his injuries prevent him from completing everyday tasks, like the washing, without the help of his partner Kirsty, 28.

The Mirror reports Hill suffered a compound fracture to his fibula and tibia after being hit by a car in the early hours of July 8 last year. Hill also required 30 facial stitches due to the collision.

The Department of Work and Pensions recently contacted Hill saying he is deemed as "capable of doing work" despite his restricted movement. Hill has relied on Universal Credit since the incident.

The letter said that Hill's monthly benefit would be slashed from £440 to £328 (NZ$845 to $630). His Employment and Support Allowance has reportedly been taken away.

Hill told the Mirror he will return to his £24,000-a-year factory  job (approximately NZ$46,000) once fully recovered - however, returning now would likely re-injure his leg due to the job's physical nature.

Authorities have reportedly said Hill is capable of doing some work, if not his former factory role.

"It's not that I don't want to work, because I do," Hill told the Mirror. "As soon as I'm fit to work again I will.

"I've worked all my adult life and paid my taxes, so I feel like I should be looked after now."

Hill reportedly appealed the decision but his plea was rejected.


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