US newlywed falls seven storeys to her death, phone recording leads to husband's arrest

The woman's new husband, 30-year-old Bradley Jenkins, has been charged.
The woman's new husband, 30-year-old Bradley Jenkins, has been charged. Photo credit: St Louis Metropolitan Police.

A US woman plummeted seven storeys to her death on Sunday (local time), just over a week after her wedding.

Allissa Martin, 27, reportedly got into a heated argument with her new husband, Bradley Jenkins, 30, at a baseball game in St Louis, Missouri. A 911 call was made later that night saying a woman had fallen from the rooftop of a parking garage overlooking the stadium. 

Authorities found Martin's body at 1:45am (local time). According to the Washington Post, Jenkins was found straddling her body and covered in blood.

Martin's phone was found by officers seven floors up. The footage obtained from Martin's phone revealed the woman had filmed the altercation, capturing part of the argument and her yelling at Jenkins to stop punching her face.

The phone is then reportedly dropped, capturing Martin's screams as she fell from the parking garage. CNN reports the police were able to hear "the thump of her body hitting the ground".

The Washington Post reports that Jenkins was charged with felony third-degree domestic assault on Monday and is being held on a US$100,000 cash-only bond. Martin's autopsy results are yet to be confirmed, and Jenkins potentially faces homicide charges.

St. Louis Post Dispatch says both Martin and Jenkins were employees of the Illinois Department of Corrections.

The Washington Post reported Jenkins has been previously charged with aggravated battery.


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