US teacher fired for filming pornography in school

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Photo credit: newshub

A substitute teacher in Texas has escaped prosecution after being fired for filming pornographic videos of herself in a school classroom. 

The teacher, who worked at El Campo High School was alone in the videos, which were brought to light after someone made the school aware of them. 

A student at the school told local radio station KPRC the teacher was a substitute English teacher and videos were watched by pupils at the school. 

El Camp Independent School District, which runs the high school,  confirmed in a statement on their website a teacher had been fired for improper conduct. 

"The District is aware that an improper criminal incident involving a substitute teacher occurred at ECHS. The incident involved a singular substitute teacher and no student or other district staff members were involved," the statement read. 

"The district has terminated the substitute’s employment and is seeking legal advice on this specific incident."

The teacher was not charged with lewdness because she was alone and not publically visible. 

"We can’t a find a law that she violated," El Campo Police Chief Terry Stanphill told KPRC.

"I’ve been in law enforcement for 27 years, and this is the first time I have ever run into anything like this."

Stanphill told KPRC as no one else saw the behaviour or was offended by it they couldn't charge her. 


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