Utah woman arrested for claiming her husband killed her

Crime scene tape.
Crime scene tape. Photo credit: Getty

Police charged a Utah woman with falsely reporting her own murder after she claimed to have been shot and killed by her husband.

Bluffdale police were contacted by a different woman at around 2am on Tuesday (local time), who said she had received texts from the husband's cell phone claiming he had shot his wife, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

The woman said the texts she received claimed the husband was serious and did not know what to do after the shooting.

Police surrounded the home and called for the husband to come out with his hands up, but instead the supposedly dead wife came out and confessed.

She revealed the couple had been fighting and she had at one point taken his phone and left their residence, returning a short while later to continue arguing and smash her husband's laptop.

The wife admitted sending the faked messages, claiming she wanted to see how the other woman would respond - if she would help the husband cover up a murder.

Police arrested the wife. She's now under investigation for criminal mischief and making a false emergency report.


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