Video: Donald Trump's reaction after D-Day veteran flirts with his wife Melania

A 93-year-old veteran was so taken by the First Lady at a D-Day anniversary event, he couldn't hold back from flirting with her.

Thomas Cuthbert from Essex couldn't help himself when he met Melania at a reception in Portsmouth.

He first shook Donald Trump's hand, then introduced himself to Melania.

Once he met her, Cuthbert turned to the President and said: "She's nice isn't she? If it wasn't for you and if only I was 20 years younger."

Donald Trump laughed at the comment, then replied "you could handle it, there's no question about it".

In 2017 Cuthbert was awarded the Legion D'Honneur, France's highest honour for his role in the D-Day landings. 

He served in the Navy and was charged with refueling ships, reports Evening Standard.

After Wednesday's event, Cuthbert said Donald Trump came across "very well."

"He surprised me, when you see someone on the TV...  but he seemed different, he seemed one of the boys," he told Evening Standard.

"His wife was very pleasant as well."