Watch: Instant justice after police pull up behind Australian driver who runs a red light

The ute as it approaches the intersection
The ute as it approaches the intersection Photo credit: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia

A dangerous driving maneuver and the following police chase have been captured on camera.

Footage posted on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page on Saturday shows a red ute approaching a busy intersection to turn right.

The intersection is at Milperra and Canterbury Road in New South Wales.

As they continue to turn, it becomes clear the driver has missed a crucial detail - the light is still red. 

Halfway through the turn into oncoming traffic the driver realises their mistake and slams on the brakes, pulling off an impressive skid in the process.

The ute sits in the centre of the intersection for a few seconds before a highway patrol car pulls up behind the vehicle.

Possibly to flee arrest or possibly to find a safer place to have a discussion with a policeman the ute driver turns and drives away with the police car in close pursuit.

Comments on the post are split whether the driver intentionally ran the red light.

"It looked like he was following the truck that went through the intersection thinking it was still green then realised his mistake at the last second," wrote one man.

"F**k he pulled up well," wrote another woman. "Honestly think he saw the green straight and wasn't paying attention.

But other people weren't so forgiving.

"F**k me was oldmate eyes painted on? It was a red light!" 

"When your day goes from bad to worse because you drive like a flog who doesn't pay attention," said another.

The post has received hundreds of comments and over a thousand likes.