Watch: Shooting suspect evades police by jumping off bridge

A man suspected of a drive-by shooting has given a masterclass in how not to run from the police.

The suspect, Damaco Taylor, was being pursued by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when his car crashed into a concrete barrier. Rather than surrender, police bodycam video shows Taylor scaling over the barrier and falling.

Police found Taylor nearly 10m below, alive and awake, lying on a thin strip of concrete surrounded by much softer grass.

"Can you hear me? How many fingers am I holding up?" a police man asks. Taylor correctly answers four.

"What hurts?" the officer asks, putting on plastic gloves to administer first aid.

"Everything," the injured man replies.

Taylor was taken to hospital with a skull fracture, and later arrested. Police said a gun was found in his vehicle, which was a write-off, local media reported.



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