Woman apologises after falsely accusing innocent Good Samaritan of sexual assault

A woman whose lies put an innocent man behind bars for two weeks, costing him his job and his marriage, has written an apology letter to her victim.

Good Samaritan Kenan Basic spent hours helping 20-year-old Caitlyn Gray get her car back on the road. She then falsely accused him of indecent assault. 

Basic, a father from Sydney, says his life has been ruined by Gray's lies.

In November 2018 Gray pulled into a Sydney BP petrol station after damaging her vehicle. Basic offered to help her with the car, assisting Gray for almost two hours according to security footage.

After being helped by Basic, Gray went to police and accused him of asking her for sex in return for his aid. She also claimed he pursued her in the car, before sexually assaulting her at a different location.

Basic's alleged behaviour was described by police as "predatory" following Gray's accusations.

Despite claiming his innocence, Basic was charged with indecent assault among other offences, refused bail and jailed in a maximum security prison. Basic lost his job and his marriage crumbled as a result of the false allegations. 

Gray admitted to lying following Basic's wrongful imprisonment. The charges were withdrawn in court on May 6, 7News reports.

Following his vindication, Gray has been charged with contempt of court, fabricating evidence and lying to police, 7News reports.

The woman gave a written apology to the magistrate in Bankstown Local Court on Tuesday (local time). The submission of a full sentencing assessment report has been ordered by the magistrate and the case has been adjourned.

Basic told 7News that he plans to sue Gray for up to AU$1 million (NZ$1.046 million) in damages.

"I've helped people all my life," he said.


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