Alleged victim of Harvey Weinstein says there are thousands of others, and she's not the only Kiwi one

A New Zealand-born model who claims she was a victim of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein says there are "thousands" of others and at least two more Kiwis who were allegedly assaulted by him. 

Brock says she's now moving back to New Zealand from the US with her daughter to escape. 

Zoe Brock alleges that she was harassed by Weinstein as a young model, and that her story, and the stories of those who have come forward are just "the tip of the iceberg."

"There are a hundred women who have come forward and we each know half a dozen more and they're not the same half a dozen," she told The AM Show on Wednesday.

"My guess is there are a couple of thousand Harvey Weinstein victims out there. I know I'm not the only one in New Zealand - there's at least two more," she said.

Brock alleges she was assaulted by Weinstein as a young model in 1998.

"In retrospect, I think it was all a giant set up," Brock told The AM Show on Wednesday.

"I was taken to Cannes by my agents as meat; I was sat next to [Weinstein] deliberately. I was tricked and lied to, to be taken to a remote location 45 minutes out of town."

This remote location was Weinstein's hotel room. Brock claims soon after arrival, Weinstein got naked. She says there are four reactions which occur in a traumatic event.

"Fight, flight, freeze or fawn which is one that specifically women have which is a flood of endorphins which makes some women lie down and sleep with people in a situation like that," she said.

"It's a flood of oxytocin through your body which is a horribly unreasonable reaction to trauma when you think about it,"

Brock says she had all four reactions. First she froze, and then wondered if just letting it happen would allow her to escape, before she ran into a bathroom and barricaded herself. Then, Brock got angry.

"Maybe the ghost of his mother came out of me, I have no idea but I said 'put your f***in clothes on you naughty f***in boy,'"

"His whole demeanor changed, his tone changed and he said he was going to go and do that [put his clothes on]."

Brock says she wants to share her story to hold the people who are covering up abuse accountable.

"We wanted to get a judgment that was so enormous that it would act as a deterrent for any company to shelter an abuser. All these companies have sheltered their golden geese,"

"I hold responsible anyone who shakes Weinstein's hand at a party, or gives a job to Roman Polanski or appears in a film with Woody Allen."

Over 80 women have accused Weinstein of rape, sexual harassment or abuse. He is currently facing trial on five count s of sexual abuse, including rape.

He denies all charges. 




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