Amazing footage of giant manta ray turning to diver to remove fish hook

Photographer Monty Halls has shared some incredible footage of a diver removing a fish hook from a giant manta ray off the coast of Australia.

The curious critter required a helping hand, and Halls said it was right up there with "anything I've ever seen underwater".

In Facebook post, Halls said it was "nice to see a group of people - and a tourist operator - get it exactly right".

His amazing footage was captured in a reef in the north west coastal region of Western Australia.

The man who removed the hook, Jake, told the BBC the manta ray, called Freckles, was doing well following the incident.

According to Divezone, manta rays aren't dangerous, and can't hurt divers or swimmers.

Divezone's website says they are usually very curious and swim around divers.

Watch the video above.


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