American man finds frozen baby in mother's freezer, may be his sister

Adam Smith found the frozen baby in his mum's freezer.
Adam Smith found the frozen baby in his mum's freezer. Photo credit: Justina Coronel / Screenshot.

An American man is shocked after finding a frozen baby in his mother's freezer - and it may be his sister.

According to NBC affiliate KSDK, Adam Smith recently moved into his mother's Missouri home to help her as she battled cancer.

After she passed away last week, Smith said he began clearing out some of her stuff and was looking through her freezer when he came across a disturbing discovery.

On Sunday (local time) he opened a box in the freezer, which he had seen before but which his mother had always been secretive about.

"I'm 37 and it has been in my freezer for 37 years and I was always told it was a wedding cake top," Smith told KSDK.

"It turns out it was a baby."

It was wrapped in a pink fleece, according to the man, who described the baby as mummified. Shocked, Smith rang the police.

He now believes it may the body of his sister, who his mother told him died before he was born. Smith contacted his estranged father after opening the box and was told his mother had been pregnant on their first date, but wasn't the next time they met, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"We're saying 46 or 47. That's how long, I'm assuming it is my sister, been in a box in a freezer for this long," he said.

Local police have opened an investigation.