Another clip emerges of person licking inside of ice cream tub, putting back in supermarket freezer

Another clip has emerged of a person licking inside of an ice cream tub before putting it back in a supermarket freezer, in what's being described as a "copycat" incident.

The viral clip replicates the atrocious video which emerged last week, showing a Texas teenager carrying out the same action. Police did not press charges due to her being a minor.

But the man who copied the teenager in licking the Blue Bell branded ice cream has not been so lucky, local news source WAFB9 reports.

Lenise Martin III, a 36-year-old, has been charged with the unlawful posting of criminal activity and publicity, and tampering with property, the Louisiana-based Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office (ASPO) said.

"We discourage anyone from copying this atrocious act," a ASPO spokesperson told WAFB9.

Martin has been remanded in custody. Police say his actions were a "health risk to others".

"We will pursue anyone we see do this," the ASPO spokesperson told WAFB9. "You will be charged."