Aussie firefighters called to rescue dog from 'precarious' position up a tree

Firefighters in Australia have worked to rescue a dog who got trapped up a mango tree.

The rescue took place in Queensland on Thursday night, firefighters say.

Axel the dog had somehow got himself stuck at the top of the tree, perched in a "precarious" position.

Emergency services were able to locate the owner, who said Axel was a "repeat offender climber".

In a post on Facebook, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said a crew responded with an extension ladder and Scooby snacks.

"The crew sniffed out the circumstances as to how Axel came to be perched in his precarious position," the post says.

Possums were the lure for Axel to climb the big trees.

"Axel was successfully removed and returned to the grateful owner.

"The only injury Axel suffered from his canine climb was a few minor cuts from RUFF BARK."

Axel happily woofed down some Scooby snacks following the rescue.


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