Aussie mum convicted for smacking child who ate dogs' food

Aussie mum convicted for smacking child who ate dogs' food
Photo credit: 9News / Screenshot.

An Australian mother has been convicted of common assault for smacking her daughter with a wooden spoon.

In October last year, Tania, who didn't want her surname revealed, hit her nine-year-old daughter with a wooden spoon at their home in Ellenbrook, Perth, 9News reports

The case went to court in Perth on Wednesday, with prosecutors saying the assault happened after the girl ate old meat with medicine inside it meant for the family dogs.

"I woke up in the morning she was nice and quiet just sitting in the theatre room eating away these burgers that were supposed to be for the dogs," she told 9News.

Tania then said she panicked and hit her in what her lawyer said was a "moment of frustration", leaving the child with a bruise.

The mother was convicted of common assault on Wednesday and given a suspended $750 fine and a spent conviction.

Despite that conviction, Tania says she still believes disciplining helps teach children respect.

"I believe that discipline helps our society and our children, they've got to learn respect and integrity and you just can't get away with doing naughty stuff," she said.

"How do we do that now these days?"