Australian retiree finds massive gold nugget

A person holding a big nugget of gold.
The nugget. Photo credit: AAP

An Australian retiree is likely to end up more than $100,000 richer after digging up a 2kg nugget of gold.

The man found it on the outskirts of the town of Ballarat, finding it buried in a paddock using a metal detector.

Mark Day, who sells metal detectors to amateur prospectors, said the man who found the gold had been experimenting in metal detecting for a while 

"I’ve been in this business for 25 years and this is the biggest find we have seen by one of our customers - that they’ve told me about anyway," he said.

The man eventually showed Day the nugget and confided he hadn't slept in three days because he was so stressed about working out what to do with it.

If he manages to sell it the prospector is looking at a big payday, he's already reportedly been offered AU$160,000 (NZ$166,680) for the nugget.

It's not the first time Australian's have stumbled into a big find of gold. One man found a nugget worth more than NZ$100,000 in Kalgoorlie in May, and a Bendigo family spotted a $37,000 piece while walking their dog that same month. 


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