Australian teenager films herself speeding, crossing the centre line, and taunting her passengers for being scared

Shocking footage of a young woman driving erratically on an Australian road has horrified police.

The clip shows a teenage girl driving at 160km/h and drifting on to the wrong side of the road.

She even taunts her passenger, refusing to slow down.

"That's f***ed, 160," her male passenger can be heard saying.

"I won't lie to you, you're f***ing scaring me," he says later in the video.

The driver responds saying she "didn't know Brady was such a p**sy".

Eventually the car was forced off the road by police.

Police have her name and details, and told 7 News it's only a matter of time before the teen is charged.

Police have condemned the behavior of the driver saying it is "dangerous and risky".

"Anyone viewing this video would find it quite shocking," Chief Insp Phillip Brooks told 7 News.

"This is a very foolish act, a young person on her phone in her vehicle with a passenger and other road users at great risk."

The Snapchat video shares an uncanny resemblance to the final moments of Shania McNeill who was killed in a head collision in late April. The 21-year-old also filmed her final moments on Snapchat.



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