Australian woman says she earns $135,000 as a traffic controller

  • 29/07/2019
Australian woman says she earns $135,000 as a traffic controller
Photo credit: Getty Images

This story was first published in July 2019.

A Sydney woman says she makes $130,000 (NZ$135,000) a year as a traffic controller, a job that requires just two days of training. 

The 'lollipop lady' is benefitting from Australia's booming construction sector and the industry's union. 

Amy Dowsett, 30, told The Daily Telegraph people are shocked when she tells them how much she earns. 

"When I tell other people how much I earn, they say: 'Where do I sign up?' 

"I've got friends who are now in and loving it. You don't get bored because there is always something going on." 

On top of her salary, The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union member receives a $45 (NZ$46) a day travel allowance, a $22 (NZ$23) a day meal allowance and is also paid a site allowance of between $2.10 (NZ$2.19) and $3.95 (NZ$4.11) per hour. 

Brian Parker, the union's NSW state secretary, told The Daily Telegraph some controllers earn as much as $180,000 (NZ$187,000) a year. 

He said the salary is justified because they "stand outside all day in all sorts of weather and they cop abuse from the public".