British taxi driver fines woman who started giving birth in his car

Dana Harrison
A pregnant Dana Harrison. Photo credit: Facebook/dana.gillham.9

A taxi driver has demanded a woman pay him an extra $90 on top of her ride fare after she began giving birth during the trip.

Dana Harrison, 23, found herself going into labour 11 days before her due date and called a taxi to take her to Leeds' St James' Hospital, UK media reported.  

While the driver was happy to pick her up, things took a turn for the worse when he realised the extent of Harrison's urgency in making it to the hospital.

Upon arrival, Harrison "had the baby's head in her hands" and the driver began demanding that she clean up after herself and pay him a £50 (NZ$92.50) fine.

"When we got to the hospital he was asking for £50 but all I had was £30 (NZ$55.50) so I just gave him that, he wasn't happy," Harrison told Metro.

"He said he was going to wait outside for someone to bring him some wipes, he even wanted me to come back out and clean up."

Despite the stress of the situation, Harrison was quickly wheeled inside the hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy named Blake.

Harrison's partner Aiden Ibbotson, who was out fishing when the incident occurred, told Metro he was furious with the driver's taxi firm, which was quick to protect the employee's identity.

"I have tried to call the company but they have said I can only accept their apologies and they won't tell me who the driver was. I am so angry."

Meanwhile, Harrison hopes no other women in such pressure situations will be treated in a similar way.

"There wasn't even that much mess, it was just a bit of water, most of it was in my trousers.

"He was such a horrible man, I hope no one else has to go through what I have."


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