Cockatoo holds Australian woman hostage inside her own car

YouTube/Morgana Elaine
The moment a cockatoo entered an Australian woman's car. Photo credit: YouTube/Morgana Elaine

An Australian woman has filmed her encounter with an extremely curious cockatoo that wouldn't let her leave her parked car.

Morgana Elaine, from Geelong, posted the video to her Facebook page after the bird ripped her earring out of her ear and tried to take chunks out of her steering wheel.

The video shows the bird on her car's windshield before it hovers around the gap between her open door and the driver's console.

The bird, much like its Kea relatives, then attempts to pick at any interesting piece of the door and steering wheel - all while a frantic Elaine moves through emotions of alarm and hilarity.

During the clip, Elaine holds up a bent earring that she says the bird took from her ear before she began to film.

"This cocky has just flown over... he's stolen my earring out of my ear."

The bird seems completely unafraid of Elaine and her calls for it to leave her alone and, as it creeps closer to her face once again, she visibly backs away in fright.

"I have way too much metal in my face for this bird!"

Eventually, Elaine becomes comfortable enough to shoo the bird away, preventing it from biting any more of her car's interior, before a passing car causes it to fly away.

Only at that point does Elaine feel safe enough to leave the confines of her car, a free woman at last.