'Complete scumbag': Deadly spiked boobytrap left on trail in popular Australian national park

An image of the trap was posted to Facebook.
An image of the trap was posted to Facebook. Photo credit: Facebook/Matt Gould/Mark Richardson

A councillor has hit back at a "complete scumbag" for purportedly boobytrapping a bike trail in a popular Australian national park.

Matt Gould, deputy mayor of Wollondilly, warned cyclists and park-goers to be careful when visiting Thirlmere Lakes National Park, located approximately 90 minutes southwest of Sydney's central business district. 

Gould posted an image of one of the boobytraps to his Facebook. The trap, a wooden plank with spiked nails facing upright, was capable of inflicting potentially fatal injuries.

"If you're visiting the area around Thirlmere Lakes over the next few weeks, please pay extra attention to where you're going," Gould wrote on Facebook.

"Some complete scumbag has been placing boobytraps on trails that could cause significant injury."

Gould's warning indicates more than one trap was found.

"Makes my blood boil. Could kill someone if they landed on it the wrong way," Gould commented on the post.


The councillor says local authorities have been informed of the discovery.

Earlier in July a NSW Police Rural Crime page on Facebook alerted the public to similar "tyre spike" boobytraps located in a number of areas.

On his Facebook page, Gould says he is dedicated to "fighting to protect our rural lifestyle".