Dead body found behind fridge in US grocery store

Larry Murillo-Moncado went missing in 2009.
Larry Murillo-Moncado went missing in 2009. Photo credit: Iowa Department of Public Safety

A dead body of a man missing since 2009 has been found behind a fridge in a US supermarket, investigators revealed this week.

Police said the DNA of Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada's parents positively identified it was his body, CNN reports. Murillo-Moncado had previously worked at the store in Iowa, before he was reported missing.

The body was found in January when employees were removing fridges from the store.

Captain Todd Weddum, of Council Bluffs Police, said it's understood he fell down a small space between the fridge and a wall, and became stuck.

Cpt Weddum told CNN the noise of the fridge meant Murillo-Moncado's calls for help may have gone unheard.

Police say the death has been classed as accidental.