Enormous snake reportedly slithering around Cambridge in the UK, police appeal for sightings

Western brown snake or Gwardar, Pseudonaja nuchalis, close up of head, A dangerous snake, Northwest of Morowa, Western Australia, Australia. (Photo by: Auscape/UIG via Getty Images)
Photo credit: Getty

An enormous snake has reportedly been seen slithering around the streets of Cambridgeshire in the UK, leading to a police appeal for sightings.

The escaped reticulated python is said to be 2.7 metres in length, and police received reports of it in the Cambridge area early Sunday (NZT).

"Police have located the owner but not the Reticulated Python confirmed to be 9ft (2.7m) long," Cambridgeshire police said on Twitter.

Spooked locals replied to the Twitter post wondering how the snake was allowed to get loose.

"That's not funny I'm literally creeped out," one user said.

"I'm 20 miles away and I'm staying indoors today!" another wrote.

The python is not venemous but are constrictors, so kill by wrapping their body around prey. 

Police urged the public to notify any sightings.