Florida town is using 'Baby Shark' to drive homeless people away from its event centre

A Florida town is using children's songs as a weapon to stop homeless people sleeping on the grounds of its affluent events venue. 

West Palm Beach's Lake Pavilion will play a continuous loop of 'Baby Shark' and 'Raining Tacos' throughout the night to stop rough sleepers seeking refuge on it's patio.

The town's director of parks and recreation, Leah Rockwell, says the music is a temporary fix.

The end goal is to formalise hours of operation for the venue which will make trespassing laws easier to enforce.

But in the meantime, the repetitive children's songs are working.

"It has been effective," Rockwell told the The Palm Beach Post.

"We are not forcing individuals to stay on the patio of the pavilion to listen to the music. The music is heard only if you're on the patio."

She says more and more homeless people have been sleeping on the pavilion patio.

"People are paying a lot of money to use the facility," said Rockwell.

"We want to make sure people paying this money had a facility that was clean and open and continue to use it in the future," she said.

A local homeless man, Illaya Champion, often sleeps on the patio as it is the only place he can stay dry when it rains.

"It's wrong," he told The Palm Beach Post. But he says the music won't stop him.

"It don't bother me, I still lay down in there. But it's on and on, the same songs."



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