Flying 'bin chicken' ibis hits girl on rollercoaster ride in Australia

Rollercoaster rides can be scary at the best of times. The height, speed and irrational fear of falling to your death after slipping from your seatbelt all add to the adrenaline of the ride. 

But what many theme park enthusiasts don't bank on is being hit in the face by an ibis, affectionately referred to as 'bin chickens' by Aussie locals. 

Footage of the wild encounter on the DC Rivals HyperCoaster at Queensland's Movie World was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday night and has subsequently gone viral. 

Young thrill-seeker Paige, was enjoying the ride with her uncle before being struck in the face by the wings of a flying ibis, 7News reports. The footage shows Paige's horror as the bird makes brief contact with her head.

Her reaction to the collision is summed up by her clearly mouthing, "What the f**k!"

"She had feathers on her and a beak scratch on her right shoulder," says the Facebook caption.

"She's completely shocked, a little bruised but ok... not sure about the bird."

The video has now been viewed over 188,000 times, with a number of Facebook users expressing shock and hilarity at the footage.

"My worst nightmare," one user commented.

"The old bin chicken strikes again!" wrote another.

"The moment a bin chicken becomes a chin chicken."

Others have expressed concern for the bird, as the fate of the ibis after its dramatic collision is unknown.

Ibises are prevalent in urban Australian communities, particularly in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Wollongong and Townsville. 

They are known to scavenge and rummage through rubbish with their long pointed beaks, leading to locals regarding them with equal parts "affection and disgust", says ABC News.


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