Gender-neutral uniforms to be introduced at Welsh schools

New rules in Wales will mean schools are being urged to make uniforms gender-neutral and cheaper for people to buy.

In a move towards gender neutrality, items such as pants cannot be described as only being "for boys", the BBC reports.

As a result, schools will decide their own policies, but parents can make formal complaints if they believe the guidelines have not been considered.

The Welsh Government first gave guidance on the matter eight years ago, but the schools were not required to follow the guidelines by law, the BBC reports.

Some parents claim the new guidelines mean added cost, while others thought it was a good idea.

 Meanwhile, a head teacher says their school has put money aside to assist families.

"As well as that, there is a transitional year for the first year of the new school, and an additional year for PE kit, and therefore there is ample there to be using existing uniform," Trystan Edwards told the BBC.

Furthermore, he said the new guidelines were welcomed.


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