Generation Identity members jailed in France

Three members of France's Generation Identity group have been jailed after trying to keep migrants from entering France.

Clément Gandelin, Romain Espino, and Damien Lefèvre will spend six months in jail for their role in the stunt, which saw large vehicles used on the border of France and Italy to keep people out, Buzzfeed reports.

The group were also given the maximum possible fine of €75,000 (NZ$126,446).

Around 100 people were involved in the expensive stunt, which involved 4x4s, helicopters, drones and light aircraft.

It was paid for by donations to the group, which got a boost from the Twitter network of ex-Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke in the United States.

Generation Identity is best known for a stunt carried out in 2017, where it attempted to disrupt the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean.

The man accused of the Christchurch mosque attacks donated $3700 to the group later that year.

It wasn't the only time the alleged shooter sent money to Generation Identity. The group's Austrian leader Martin Sellner received a donation from him before the attack began. Sellner's home was subsequently raided by Austrian officials.

Sellner donated half the money to a cause in Syria, while the other half was offered to Victim Support. Victim Support refused the money, saying it would be inappropriate for victims to receive money from a man believed to have caused them so much pain.

It said if they did not hear back from Sellner the money would be given to an anti-racism charity, but Sellner contacted them and took it back.

He said he didn't want it to end up in the hands of a "political organisation" or charity "linked to left-wing terrorism".