Graffiti painted all over Melbourne suburb pleads with father of child to get in touch

The graffiti is quite bizarre.
The graffiti is quite bizarre. Photo credit: Facebook/Frankston Community Noticeboard

A soon-to-be mum has gone to extreme lengths to track the father of her child down, resorting to painting a graffiti plea for "Chris to talk to me before the baby is born" all over an Australian town.

The biazrre graffiti saying "Chris u need 2 talk 2 me b4 baby is born or don't bother after [sic]" in Frankston, Melbourne has gone viral, puzzling and humouring locals.

Photos posted to the Frankston Community Noticeboard appear to show the graffiti on several locations, including public barbecues, walls, footpaths, and toilet doors.

The post says: "Chris... Can you please just call her before she destroys the whole city?

"Don't forget, if you see the graffiti, you can report it to council via Send Snap Solve."

Frankston has a population of nearly 135,000 - many humoured by the strange vandalism.

"There's a song named after this chick... Sweet but Psycho," one commenter said.

"Would make for a good condom or family planning advertisement," another wrote.

Others did not see the funny side.

"I hope this person is going to pay for the clean up. How stupid is this," one person wrote.

"Talk about trashy," another said. "Way to go defacing property."