John McAfee arrested in the Caribbean, guns seized

John McAfee and his wife Jan
John McAfee and his wife Jan

John McAfee, the eccentric creator of eponymous antivirus computer software, and an entourage were detained by Dominican immigration authorities for entering the country with a cache of firearms and ammunition, the Public Ministry says.

McAfee, who is on the run from US tax authorities, was detained after docking his yacht, Great Mystery, in Puerto Plata on the Dominican Republic's northern coast.

The Public Ministry said on Thursday it seized the weapons and ammunition found on the yacht.

McAfee posted on Twitter that he was leaving detention after "four days of confinement" and said that being treated well, he and his entourage, which included his wife, Janice McAfee, who was also detained, had "decided to move on".

He posted a number of photos from his jail cell.

"My crime is not filing tax returns - not a crime," he wrote. "The rest is propaganda by the US government to silence me. My voice is the voice of dissent. If I am silenced, dissent itself will be next."

McAfee recently told Reuters in an interview that he could help Cuba evade the US government too - by launching a crypto-currency that defeats a US trade embargo.

His past includes fleeing Belize where he lived for several years after police sought him for questioning in the 2012 murder of a neighbour, meeting his wife when she solicited him as a prostitute while he was on the run and saying on Twitter last year that he had fathered 47 children.

He recently announced he's running to be both US President and the Prime Minister of the UK.

Reuters / Newshub.