Las Vegas man busted for using dead body to access carpool lane

A Las Vegas man was given a warning after he was caught using the dead body in his hearse to access the carpool lane.

A Nevada Highway Patrol officer pulled the man over as he could only see the driver in the front of the car. The explanation that there was a body in the back of the hearse did not carry water.

Video of the incident shows the patrol officer laughing and explaining, since the person in the back was deceased it doesn't count, and then telling the driver he was getting a warning.

Nevada Highway Patrol followed up with a tweet about the incident, letting the general public know passengers need to be alive to count towards carpool lanes.

"Today we stopped a local funeral home hearse in the [high-occupancy vehicle] lane. The driver had the dearly departed in the back, he thought the deceased could be counted as two people. 

"I guess we should clarify this, living, breathing people count for the HOV lane."

Twitter users aren't happy about the decision though and many said it's not fair to hold up people while they're transporting bodies.

"Hope this is a joke. You'd have to be a pretty big loser to pull over a dead person transport for a technical violation," one person wrote.

"But seriously, I am a funeral director.  And confused, the deceased still is a person," another said.