London Marathon runners heckled by organisers for being 'fat and slow'

Hundreds of London Marathon runners heckled for being too "fat and slow" will be given free entry to next year's event.

The competitors say they were shouted at and abused by contractors who started to clear up while they were still running.

This included comments like "if you weren't so fat, you could run", and "this is a race, not a walk", according to runner Liz Ayres.

Kerrie Aldridge, who finished last in the 2019 marathon, says she was "sniggered" at by stewards after taking nine hours and 11 minutes to reach the end.

"When I finished I was thinking 'I'm never going to do it again'," she told the BBC.

And due to the clean-up starting while they were competing, runners say water stations had been packed up by the time they reached them.

London Marathon organisers have apologised and say they are making changes to prevent this from happening again.

They will start the clean-up operation later, inform contractors of the proceduces for dealing with slow runners, and look at how water should be handed out.

They will also give the runners who were shouted at free entry for the 2020 marathon.

"Now I would love to have another go," Aldridge told the BBC.

"I'll be there on the start line. I will train as hard as I can to prove I do deserve a place."