Newborn US baby abandoned with shocking note

The baby was found at an apartment complex.
The baby was found at an apartment complex. Photo credit: WESH / NBC / Screenshot.

A Florida community is shocked after a newborn was abandoned with a shocking note on the doorstep to an apartment complex in the weekend.

The baby boy was found outside the Willow Key apartment complex in Orlando on Saturday (local time), wrapped in a t-shirt and with a note that alludes to the grim way he entered the world.

"Born @ 5:45pm, yesterday, July 19 2019. I had him in the bathroom alone. His dad tried to kill us. Please keep him secret and take him to hospital. Dad a very dangerous man. I'm so sorry, I tried to clean him and feed him as much as I could," the note says.

Multiple residents have spoken to US media about encountering the baby at the complex or speaking to police after being told of the incident.

Graciela Izaguirre told NBC affiliate WESH2 that she reportedly found the baby on the apartment complex doorstep.

"Five minutes pass by and the baby is still crying with the same strain, like, doesn't go away and doesn't calm down, and I'm like what's going on? I just open the door and go outside and I honestly thought it was a joke."

She contacted emergency services and told police she didn't know where the baby came from or who the mother may be.

Authorities say the baby is healthy and was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital. Officials have also contacted Florida Department of Children and Families. 

It's the second time a baby was left at the complex. In October 2017, a baby girl was left with a note urging whoever found her to take her to a fire station.

Florida has a 'safe haven' state law that allows people to give up their newborn babies to safe spaces like hospitals and fire stations without giving information. This can be done until the baby is seven days old.