No vacancies left at alien-themed motel near Area 51 on 'storm' weekend

A motel near Area 51 is fully booked out the weekend nearly 2 million people have pledged to storm the secretive US military base.

Three million Facebook users have either said they're going or are at least interested in the event, set down for September 20.

Little A'Le'Inn is a UFO-themed motel in the tiny village of Rachel, the closest residential locale to Area 51, where many people believe the US military is hiding alien technology - or possibly even extraterrestrials. 

"Come and sit back and watch the fun," its website said.

Yahoo News Australia took a look at the motel's booking calendar, which is freely available online. It found the 10-room motel is fully booked out on September 19 and 20.

Other motels nearby however reported no increase in demand - but as Yahoo noted, they're not alien-themed. 

The US military has warned against anyone actually trying to storm Area 51 - they are authorised to use deadly force against anyone who does. Interestingly, Little A'Le'Inn's booking calendar after September 20 is remarkably empty. 



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