Parent puts child up for sale in Australia

Parent puts child up for sale in Australia
Photo credit: Gumtree/Northern Territory News

Ever seen a child for sale online? Well it happened last week, and it's raised a few eyebrows.

A Northern Territory Police spokeswoman confirmed to Newshub it was investigating the incident, after the child was advertised as a "kid for sale for fifty bucks" and that the seller could "deliver/drop off", Australia's Northern Territory News reports.

The post was listed on advertising site Gumtree - similar to Trade Me, and was reportedly listed in the "outdoor toys" category. A pick-up address in Darwin, Northern Territory, was also listed.

In a statement to 7 News, Gumtree said it would not tolerate "these types of advertisements".

"We rely on users' feedback to keep the platform safe and we do not tolerate these types of adverts on Gumtree.

"We have a variety of measures in place to ensure they do not make it on to the platform and work closely with law enforcement agencies to share information."

The statement said the company "strongly encourage our engaged community to report any concerning listings believed to be unlawful in any way", 7 News reports.

Some commenters expressed their outrage over the advertisement, "So sad - some days it's heartbreaking to read or watch the news!" one said.

But others saw the funny side.

"Did we really lose our Australian sense of humour? Clearly just a joke," another wrote.