Python found inside Brisbane pool table

A snake peeking out of a pool table.
Hello! Photo credit: Facebook/Elite Snake Catchers Brisbane

Snake catchers caught a large python hanging out inside Brisbane residents' pool table.

The snake, a carpet python, was inside where the pool balls sit and photos show its face peeking out of the holes.

Elite Snake Catching removed it and warned others to be aware of slithery visitors before playing a game of pool.

"When you're having a casual game of pool with your mates and this snake pops up to greet you with a cheeky grin.. make sure you check your pool table pockets before sticking your hand in," it said in a Facebook post.

Commenters on the post were far from frightened by the snake, with many of them labelling it cute.

"That's freaking adorable. Look at that gorgeous face," one person said.

"Such a beautiful snake," another person said.

The snake catchers agreed the snake was cute and added it likely had a temperment to match.

"Carpet pythons [are] just big softies, well most of them," Elite Snake Catchers said in a comment.

Carpet pythons are a popular pet species of snake and grow to between 2 and 4 metres in length. They've been known to kill small mammals like domestic cats and dogs for food.


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