Russian Instagram influencer found dead in suitcase

Russian Instagram influencer Ekaterina Karaglanova has been found dead and stuffed inside a suitcase, according to police.

The 24 year-old social media personality, who boasts more than 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Prior to her death, Karaglanova had been planning a trip to the Netherlands to celebrate her 25th birthday with her boyfriend and family, but her parents grew concerned when she could not be reached.

After contacting her landlord to gain access to her apartment, her parents found her body inside a suitcase with her throat slit.

According to police reports, there were no signs of a struggle and no weapon was found at the crime scene.

Karaglanova was known for her luxurious travel posts, where she posed in exotic locations such as Italy, Austria, and Barcelona.

Her last Instagram photo shows her lounging poolside in Corfu, Greece, detailing her love for travelling.

In addition to her popular Instagram account and separate travel blog, where she updated followers on her whereabouts, the Russian influencer was a recent graduate from a medical school residency in Moscow where she specialised in Dermatology.

Investigators are currently looking into the case, citing jealousy as a possible motive.

There are reports Karaglanova had recently begun a new relationship with a 52-year-old man, after breaking up with a 32-year-old ex.

A friend told local network Ren TV that Karaglanova had "changed a lot" recently.

"There was information that somebody did not like her," she said according to translations.

Moscow police say CCTV footage from Karaglanova's apartment building showed a former boyfriend visiting her before she went missing. They have not specified if the man is under investigation.


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