Teen involved in stabbing of UK man committed murder after being let out on bail

Louai Ali stabbed and killed Sadali Mohamed whilst out on bail.
Louai Ali stabbed and killed Sadali Mohamed whilst out on bail. Photo credit: West Midlands Police

Warning: This article contains details which may disturb some people.

Louai Ali was known to police and out on bail when he committed a brutal murder in the UK last year, it has been revealed.

Ali, 17, was involved in an attack where Russell Molloy's wrist was sliced in Birmingham last year. Weeks later, Ali stabbed and killed Sadali Mohamed. 

The BBC reported although Ali did not stab Molloy, he was involved in the December attack by chasing and cornering him with a friend, the prosecution told the court at sentencing.

Last Monday, Ali was sentenced to 19 years in jail for both the murder of Mohamed and his involvement in the attack on Molloy.

In a statement, West Midlands Police said Ali still chose to carry a knife despite being on bail.

Superintendent Edward Foster told BirminghamLive many people were traumatised by the horrific attacks.

The dangers of carrying a knife could not be stressed enough, he said.

Molloy said it could have been him who was killed.

"I knew after what he did to me that he was capable of something a lot worse and he did it," he told BirminghamLive.

"He shouldn't have been allowed out on bail."