The Project: Boris Johnson set to become UK's next Prime Minister

In a matter of hours, Boris Johnson is predicted to become Britain's new Prime Minister. The leader of the country's Conservative Party could be tasked with guiding the country through the messy divorce that is Brexit. 

And with attention-getting stunts like his Olympic zipline ride, he is probably the only politician more known for gaffes than John Key. And while Sir John walked down the fashion catwalk in order to promote the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Johnson took to bulldozing young children in the 2015 tournament. 

Despite his political faux pas, though, his charisma has so far managed to get him through most of the problems he's faced. 

Three years ago, Johnson helped convince the UK public to leave the European Union and was appointed foreign secretary soon afterwards. Since then he has continued to leave a trail of blunders in his wake.

As entertaining as his gaffes may be, getting his facts wrong often have very real consequences. On one occasion, a blunder of his led to a British mother being kept in an Iranian prison on spying charge, where she remains to this day. 

Despite these gaffes, it is almost certain that the Conservative Party will vote him in to replace Teresa May as leader. 

A brief timeline of Boris Johnson's gaffes

August 2002 - Johnson got stuck while riding a zip line over Victoria Park during London 2012 Olympic celebrations.

January 2017 - Johnson was caught on camera reciting a Rudyard Kipling poem, written during Britain's colonial era, while on an official trip to Myanmar. He was inside a sacred Buddhist pagoda at the time.

November 2017 - British-Iranian Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was jailed for spying in Iran after Johnson incorrectly said she was "teaching people journalism" rather than on holiday in Iran. 

August 2018 - Johnson described Muslim in burqas as resembling "bank robbers" or "letterboxes".



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