Thieves steal package from doorstep, return it when they realise it was for a five-year-old with brain tumour

The two women stealing the package from the doorstep
The two women stealing the package from the doorstep Photo credit: WBOC

An American family was devastated after a $2000 gift for their sick son was stolen from a doorstep.

Their five-year-old son Timothy Vick Jnr was diagnosed with autism at two. In October, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. 

After his parents learned about it, they decided to buy him a special present to cheer him up - a replica WWE Pro Championship Wrestling Belt.

Once they bought the belt it was sent to Washington DC from their home state of Delaware so it could be altered to make it look like the real thing.

In total, the Vick family spent around $2000, reports WBOC.

Before they could get the gift back to their sick son, it was stolen from the doorstep of the man who was altering it.

"My phone alerted me, I have a Ring door-cam and it alerted me there was motion at my front door so when I looked at my phone I saw the two ladies," Sergio Moreira told WBOC.

Police released footage of the theft and the two women who stole the package realised what they had done.

They returned the belts to Moreira's home along with a handwritten apology note.

"We are so sorry for taking your stuff," read the letter.

"Never in a million years would I have stolen from a sick five-year-old and I am ashamed of what I did."

The letter continued on to say one of the women had a six-year-old and was addicted to drugs. The two women just wanted to make some fast money, but never wanted to "steal a child's hope."

Timothy Jnr's mother, Danialle Johnson told WBOC the women are only sorry they got caught.

"If it was anyone else, would you have cared? You care because he is a five-year-old special needs child." 

The Vick family is unsure if they will press charges.

Timothy's belt will be ready in three weeks - the family plans to track the shipment.