Thousand stranded as floods submerge train

Mahalaxmi Express
The Mahalaxmi Express. Photo credit: Getty

More than a thousand train passengers have been saved after being stranded for days because of flooding near Mumbai.

Helicopters, boats and diving teams were sent to rescue those on board, including nine pregnant women.

Local media reported the passengers had been stranded on the Mahalaxmi Express train in Badlapur region since Friday night as water-logging triggered by incessant rain covered the railway tracks and partially submerged the train.

Passengers say there were ordered to stay onboard, but had no food for water for 15 hours.

"We haven't eaten anything. We have not had tea or anything else. We didn't even drink water. We did not even have water," one witness told Reuters.

A temporary camp has been set up with food and medical supplies.

Reuters / Newshub.