UK dad 'sacked on the spot' for taking time off work to look after sick triplets

A man was sacked for looking after his sick triplets.
A man was sacked for looking after his sick triplets. Photo credit: Getty

A father from the UK claims he was "sacked on the spot" for taking a day off work after caring for his three unwell daughters throughout the night.

Ross Mclean, 36, told the Newcastle Chronicle he had taken around nine days' sick leave since starting his job as an HGV tipper driver in September last year. He says he mostly took leave to look after his three-year-old triplets, who have weakened immune systems due to their premature birth. 

Mclean, from Consett in County Durham, told the publication he took a sick day on July 11 following a long night of looking after his sick daughters. He says driving a heavy goods vehicle would be unsafe after a night of no sleep, and informed his manager of the situation.

On July 13 Mclean received a letter summoning him to a meeting and received a warning. On the following Monday, he was officially dismissed.

Although he has the right to appeal against the decision, Mclean told the Newcastle Chronicle he no longer wants to work for the company as the situation left him "fuming".

He has also criticised the company's supposed advocacy for mental health awareness, claiming a number of posters in the office encourage employees to talk about their problems. 

"They're meant to be big on mental health... saying come and talk to us if you've got a problem - but there was none of that," Mclean said.

"I didn't realise they could just sack you on the spot like that."

The father claims the company hadn't given any indication that his attendance was an issue and they were aware of his daughters' condition. 

"They started nursery in October, they knew that. They said they would give me a bit of's a nightmare how ill they've been.

"It's not like I wanted time off for myself - I've still got holiday days left, if I'd wanted time off I would have taken them."

A letter confirming his dismissal allegedly told Mclean his absence had been detrimental to the business.

In a statement to the publication, Mclean's former employer, The Banks Group, said:

"[We] were named Employer Of The Year in this year's Apprenticeship Skills Award and the average length that our employees stay with us... is more than twice the national average."


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