UK mother kicked out of school sports day for helping daughter with cerebral palsy finish race

The six-year-old suffers from cerebral palsy.
The six-year-old suffers from cerebral palsy. Photo credit: Getty

The mother of a disabled girl has lashed out at a primary school in the UK after she was kicked out of its sports day for helping her daughter finish a race.

Tammy Harrison, aged six, suffers from cerebral palsy and her movement disorders are permanent.

According to mum, Lynn, the school - Jeavons Wood Primary in Cambridgeshire - cited "child protection issues" when she lifted Tammy out of her wheelchair, and carried her to the finish line so she didn't feel excluded.

Lynn was then asked to leave the school grounds.

"I think it's absolutely disgusting from the school," Lynn told CambridgeshireLive. "If I wasn't there, she would have had to stay in her buggy and imagine how she felt."

Lynn described it as "discrimination".

"I simply don't get it if she is able to do sports day with my help then what's the problem," she told CambridgeshireLive.

"If it meant she could join in then I would do whatever it takes."

A statement from principal Sue Wright said there were procedures in place if a parent wanted to address concerns, CambridgeshireLive reports.

"We always try and solve any issues informally but there is a clear complaints procedure to follow if they are not resolved."

Wright is also quoted as saying "no parent has contacted the school informally or formally to make a complaint about sports day".


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