US President Donald Trump might declare radical left-wing movement 'Antifa' a terror group

Trump labelled Antifa "gutless radical left wack jobs".
Trump labelled Antifa "gutless radical left wack jobs". Photo credit: Getty

US President Donald Trump has hit out radical activist movement Antifa, saying consideration is being given to declare it a "major organisation of terror".

Antifa - a contraction of the word anti-facist - is a term for radical activists that oppose white supremacists and far-right activists, often with violence.

Trump, in a Twitter post, labelled Antifa "gutless radical left wack jobs" who "go around hitting people over the heads with baseball bats".

Trump's comments follow other Republican senators last week calling for Antifa to be labelled as "domestic terrorists", The Washington Post reports.

In his tweet, Trump said consideration was being given to declare Antifa a terror group along with the likes of international criminal gang MS-13.

"[It] would make it easier for police to do their job!" Trump wrote.

Trump's comments echo that of Senator Bill Cassidy, who last week said in a statement Antifa were "violent maked bullies", The Post reports.

In replies to his tweet, opinions were mixed.

"About time! Thank you Mr President for doing your very best to protect all Americans," one said.

Another accused Trump of trying to start a race war and "cause bloodshed".

"I would hope that intelligent individuals in both parties see what an emergency this is."


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