US Woman charged after peeing on potatoes in Walmart

The incident took place at Walmart.
The incident took place at Walmart. Photo credit: Getty

A woman has turned herself in to police following a bizarre potato crime in the United States.

The 20-year-old allegedly urinated on potatoes at a local Walmart store south of Pittsburgh, according to the West Mifflen Borough Police Department

Workers at the store were alerted to the act when an employee noticed a puddle of pee on the floor in the produce section, reports CTV News. 

Police were then called, and a review of security footage revealed a woman urinating in the potato bins the night before.

The mystery urinator was then identified as Grace Brown, who turned herself into the local police station, accompanied by a lawyer, after being contacted by police. 

Brown was charged with criminal mischief, open lewdness, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. 



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