Watch: CEO successfully jet-packs across Sydney Harbour

A CEO has successfully jet-packed across the Sydney Harbour after failing a similar stunt almost a decade ago.

David Mayman, the CEO of JetPack Aviation, jet-propelled himself from the Man O'War steps at the Sydney Opera House over the water. 

Mayman attempted a similar stunt to Sunday's endeavour almost 10 years ago with older technology but crashed into Sydney Harbour, 7News reports.

Mayman, who attended Sydney's University of Technology, says he always dreamt of creating and flying a jetpack.

"To me, this is the ultimate expression of flight - no wings, minimal airframe and very compact," Mayman wrote on his LinkedIn page.

Mayman founded JetPack Aviation in Los Angeles in 2016. The company claims to create the "world's smallest, fastest and safest VTOL aircraft", enabling "critical personnel to get into and out of position faster than by any other means", says its website.

Between 2010 and 2015 Mayman's company designed and built the world’s first portable JetPack.

Watch the video above.