Watch: Man severely injured after bungy jumping cord snaps in Poland

Warning: Video contains footage that some viewers may find upsetting. 

A man has severely injured his back, after a bungy jumping accident in Poland.

The 39-year-old reportedly broke his spine after jumping from the 100 metre-high platform, in Gdynia, Poland, according to the Daily Mail. 

In footage of the accident, the local man can be seen falling headfirst into an airbag below the platform when the harness attaching him to the bungy cord snaps.

The man was reportedly conscious after the fall and was soon taken to hospital. 

According to the Daily Mail, the man's spinal cord was not severed in the fall and he is expected to be able to walk again when he recovers.

The accident occurred around 6pm on Sunday (local time).

The incident is not the first time such an accident has been caught on film. In 2017, a woman received minor injuries after bungy jumping off a 15-metre-high bridge in Bolivia. Despite being checked by tourism operators before jumping, the woman's rope was too long and she footage shows her plummeting into the river below. The company responsible blamed the accident on human error.

New Zealand has also seen several bungy jumping accidents.  

In 2010 a woman suffered serious injuries while bungy jumping in the South Island when she slipped out of her harness and fell into the Waiau River.

A man suffered severe bruising in 2003 in an accident while tandem bungy jumping in Rotorua, and in 2000 a Taiwanese tourist suffered head injuries after slipping from a harness and falling into the Waikato River. 

A Canadian tourist was also injured when her bungy detached and she fell into the Shotover River near Queenstown in 1997.



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