Watch: The scary moment jet skiers ride through a pod of dolphins

The moment jet skiers ride through a pod of dolphins.
The moment jet skiers ride through a pod of dolphins. Photo credit: Newcastle Chronicle

A group of jet skiers have left onlookers horrified after apparently speeding intentionally towards a pod of dolphins.

Footage has emerged from a member of the public which shows several dolphins swimming in the River Tyne, north of Sunderland in northern England, on Friday (NZ time).

Seconds later, two jet skiers ride either side of one recently-submerged dolphin before a third follows the same route soon after.

The person who took the video told the Newcastle Chronicle the jet skiers' actions looked intentional.

"This was truly shocking to watch and appeared a deliberate act as the pod was very obvious.

"They steered towards the dolphins and went straight for them where the last dolphin had only breeched seconds before. This was appalling behaviour and so so upsetting."

Northumbria police are investigating "any possible criminal activity including potential speeding laws being broken or wildlife laws".

Acting Marine Sgt Paul Spedding added: "Everyone has a responsibility to protect our wildlife and anyone found to be in breach of any laws will be prosecuted.

"It is illegal to harass, feed, chase and touch marine mammals in the wild and we're urging all water users to be vigilant and respectful."