Watch: US football fans chant anti-Trump profanities live on TV

US football fans celebrating their FIFA Women's World Cup victory gatecrashed a Fox News broadcast with chants of "F**k Trump!" 

Soon after the US won the final 2-0, the conservative broadcaster crossed live to reporter Greg Palkot at a sports bar in Lyon, France, not far from where the match was held. 

Palkot barely got started when members of the crowd behind him started chanting "F**k Trump!"

The reporter soldiered on, explaining how they were going to watch the game on a big-screen outside but came inside after the outdoor gathering was cancelled due to security concerns.

"It's been a great crazy time here watching history being made... listen to it all," Palkot explained, ignoring the content of the fans' chants.

He then turned to the crowd and had a chat with one fan about the actual match. 

But the second fan he asked resumed the Trump-bashing. 

"Did you have any doubt they were going to [win]?" Palkot asked.

"None, none whatsoever," the man wearing a red cap with an American flag on it replied. "Now we need to win in 2020 - Democrats! Get that racist out of the White House."

"They are very happy," Palkot said, talking to news anchor Arthel Neville back in the studio. "It's a bit political too, as you can see. But they are very happy about this team winning." 

Trump, who has accused by multiple women of sexual assault and misconduct, has recently feuded with the co-captain US women's football team Megan Rapinoe. 

Rapinoe last month said if the team won she would not visit the "f**king White House". Trump responded by saying she had to win first

After the US did win Trump tweeted his congratulations, saying the country was "proud of you all".