Woman 'hulk smashes' laptop on man after profanity-filled rant on crowded plane

A video posted to Reddit has gone viral as viewers respond in equal parts horror and hilarity at a woman's expletive-filled, abusive rant on a crowded airplane at a man who allegedly "looked at another woman".

The woman kicks off her tirade with her profanity of choice, while the man, later identified as 'Memo', remains concealed by the row in front. 

"You trying to look at other women?" the woman accuses him, resorting to a spiel of expletives.

Flight attendants begin to cluster around the couple's row as enthralled passengers look around for popcorn or other in-flight snacks to accompany the unfolding drama.

"There's a child behind you," one flight attendant pipes up as the enraged passenger continues her profanity-laden accusation.

"Yeah I know, I consoled that f***ing child," the woman snaps.

The attendants continue their passive attempt at intervention when the woman, who has single-handedly disrupted the entire flight, yells back: "He's the f***ing problem!"

A passenger in the background can be heard mumbling: "Just take her off the plane."

Arguably the star of the entire altercation is the eavesdropping, poker-faced passenger in front of the couple, AirPods firmly in his ears, alternating between looks of mild bewilderment and amusement before catching himself and feigning disinterest. Catch this guy as the face of the next "but that's not my business" meme.

Although the woman is making it very clear she is not happy with 'Memo', she becomes more upset when he decides to remove himself from the altercation.

"I'll never see you again, don't you ever come to my house or I'll call the police on you," she yells, before appearing to hit the man. The rest of the plane gasps in shock.

The staff decide enough is enough, demanding 'Memo' to come to the front of the plane.

"You're assaulting me!" he yells, barreling past the woman to reach the safety net of authority.

"I've known you for years, I'm assaulting you?" the woman screams, before proceeding to assault him again. She hurls her laptop at the man's head. The captivated audience react in horror as the woman follows him down the aisle, shoving him and punching the back of his head, a flight attendant caught in the crossfire.

The woman has a sudden change in priorities, doubling back to grab her purse.

"Ma'am, you're gonna be charged with assault," another member of staff says.

"Fine, whatever," she replies.

The dramatic video has been upvoted almost 33,000 times since it was posted early on Tuesday morning (NZ time). The subreddit, 'Public Freakout', is dedicated "to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public".