9/11 accused finally get trial date

Five men accused of plotting the September 11 attacks will go on trial next year, almost 20 years after the atrocity.

Nearly 3000 died in the attacks, which took place in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. 

Alleged mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four other men will go on trial at a military court in Guantanamo Bay on January 11, the New York Times reports.

Many of those charged - including Mohammed - reportedly confessed to the crimes more than a decade ago, but their legal defence teams say those confessions were extracted under torture.

All five accused were captured in Pakistan in the years following the attacks. They were originally charged when George W Bush was President of the US, but concerns over the CIA's use of torture and attempts to try them in a federal court delayed the legal process. 

Before the towers fell.
Before the towers fell. Photo credit: Getty

The Times reports it's expected selection of a jury could take months, and the case might not actually get heard until the 20th anniversary of the attacks. 

They're charged with conspiracy, committing murder in violation of the law of war, attacking civilians and terrorism. If convicted - which seems likely - the men will face the death penalty.



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